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​Preparing documents to study in Australia

​Australian study documents usually include a lot of different documents. But to keep things simple, there are four main types of informational documents that you need to prepare:

Documents containing your personal information

DTo apply for admission, you must first know the admission requirements of the institution you have chosen. Admission requirements of schools and majors will vary. However, most schools will ask you to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport details

  • Academic report of the 3rd year

  • Certificate of English as prescribed

  • Some schools may interview you, or ask you to provide your CV, portfolio, or work experience

In addition you must provide a number of other personal documents for enrollment in your chosen institution, including, but not limited to:

  • Birth certificate

  • ​Household

  • Health insurance

  • Booking confirmation of necessary services

You need to provide a copy of the original document and a certified copy. You do not need to copy the original of each document, you just need to have the notarized stamp of the whole dossier. You can contact the school's administrative office to request for transcripts or transcripts of high school high school in Vietnam. You can make a resume and get it certified at a notarized translation office of your choice.

GTE (Genuine of Temporary Entry) and SoP (Statement of Purpose) documents

The GTE and SoP are documents that play a very important role in convincing the institution you want to enroll in and the Australian immigration department that you really want to come to Australia just to study and have no other goals. Australian immigration and academies will only accept your application if your GTE and SoP letter is sufficiently informative and convincing. Conditions for GTE and SoP documentation:

  • Must be written by the student/student who wants to enroll in Australian institutions and apply for a visa

  • Written in English with a length ranging from 3000-10,000 words depending on the application

  • You must provide proof that what you wrote in the letter is true

With many years of experience in the field of study abroad, we understand the requirements and information that should be included in the GTE and SoP letters. We'll show you how to prepare the most persuasive GTE and SoP letters. Please contact us immediately for detailed advice.

Documents proving you can afford to study in Australia

​In addition to proving your purpose of coming to Australia to study, you must also prove your financial ability. Australian immigration and academies will only accept your application if your financial documentation convinces them that you have a financial background to support your studies and living in Australia. Australia. 

​Currently according to the Australian government announcement, there are two ways you can prove your financial ability. 

liên hệ với chúng tôi

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